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An interactive, computer-vision based art installation

  "15 seconds of fame" is an interactive art installation which elevates the face of a randomly selected gallery visitor for 15 seconds into a "work of art". The installation was inspired by Andy Warhol's statement:

"In the future everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes."

and by the pop-art style of his works. The installation consists of a computer with a flat-panel monitor, a digital camera and proprietary software that can detect human faces in images and graphically transform them.

Every 15 seconds a picture of people standing in front of the installation is taken by the digital camera, which is hidden in the frame of the picture/monitor. Software then automatically detects faces of people in this image, randomly selects the face of one of them, crops the selected face from the larger picture and graphically transforms it. The resulting pop-art portrait is then displayed for 15 seconds on the picture/monitor together with a unique ID number. The installation tries to illustrate that anybody can in fact become famous but fame is also random and short lived.

You can order your portrait by sending e-mail to "" with the corresponding ID number in the subject field during and up to 1 month after each exhibition. Only one portrait can be ordered in a single e-mail. The requested portrait is sent to your e-mail.