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Artist Talk - Narvika Bovcon, Aleš Vaupotič (ArtNetLab): Artistic Archive as the Paradigm of New Media Art

Narvika Bovcon, Aleš Vaupotič

30. Oktober um 19. Uhr

Artist Talk / predstavitev

Artistic Archive as the Paradigm of New Media Art
Talk by Narvika Bovcon

The talk will present some views of how to construct an artstic new media archive nowadays. The argument will be based on two examples of interactive artistic archives produced by Narvika Bovcon and Aleš Vaupotič.

CD-ROM installation, 2003

The artistic project VideoSpace establishes a new media entering into the synchronous presentation of the author's history of creativity in artistic media. It is a virtual three-dimensional space in which particular artistic projects are set in spatial and conceptual relations. It represents a type of archive that declines the accumulation of artefacts in chronological developing series; instead it offers the spectator to enter or better to submerge into a new reality, constructed exclusively from the codification of relations between the concepts of particular projects. Since these relations are codified and anchored in the spatial relations of the virtual reality, the spectator's trajectory through VideoSpace is not drawn in time of experiencing but rather in the dramaturgy of space, which thereby enacts the first level of the internal spectator - it modifies the spectator's view and perception of the art work.

Mouseion Serapeion – smart video archive
Internet installation, 2004-

Contains more than 100 video works by students of Academy of Fine Art and Design, University of Ljubljana, it is being updated constantly with new works.

Our archive Mouseion Serapeion adapts to each user in turn through manipulation of a simple algorithm, some kind of artificial intelligence. (Actually, these are generic groups of users since we are not interested in the individuality of a subject in the hermeneutical circle but instead we are interested in the regular construction of the socio-historically specific identities). Thus two things happen: on one hand the archive is constructed in the way most suitable for each particular user - the meaning evolves by the movements through the archive, in the constellations of elements specific to each user -, on the other hand it is important that although the access to any element of the archive is not blocked, the effect of the individually created constellations of the archive suggests the atmosphere of closing up or restriction. The archive appears to be closing despite the fact that there are no actual restrictions at browsing; this however can be explained through Foucalt's concept of Power-Knowledge, so often being misinterpreted by the theoricians as simply restrictive.


Society for Connecting Art and Science ArtNetLab establishes a platform for production management of new media art projects by the youngest generations of artists. It offers organisational support for the collaboration of the Academy of fine art and design and the Faculty of computer and information science, University of Ljubljana. The key institution of ArtNetLab is our organization of the International Festival of Computer Arts, making possible the realization and presentation of the works and at the same time opening up the possibility of direct contact of the new new media works with internationally established projects from this field.
Aleš Vaupotič, ArtNetLab