Srečo Dragan
Intermedia net installation

"The language is an image of our world and a context in which we should look at our world." ...Tabakowska Elzbieta

Realisation of the project: dr.Matjaž Jogan, mag.Borut Batagelj from the computer vision laboratory at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science and Damjan Kužnar, Matic Standeker, Leon Oven, Benjamin Ambrož, Branko Pinter and Blaž Marn at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

A cognitive, emotional interaction researches the specifics of the regime of negative and positive feelings in language. The project has a task of upgrading the installation "TEHNOPERFORMANS 05" in which the viewer - participant repositiones himself inside "psicotechnology". It was realised as project CROSSOVER 05, para Vouk - Dragan in the Condominium collection of the Ptuj castle in Celovec.

The participant enters the information base of the language following the protocol of communication. With two chosen opposite key words and a dictionary as inventory of symbolic units he expresses himself in a unique personal way. In this process of image making he has the ability to describe the same situation in many different ways and to stage an image or scheme as a pre-conceptual sample with which man organizes a physical and mental experience of self-assessment in a psicological, sociological and cultural context of understanding.

This is a clear strategy of assessing of hybrid spaces with impact on socialization. Through recurrent language bonds they imprint themselves in a project local data base, important for all reading world.

With the extension of this project to an English word base continually updated by internet communication a slow - fast creation of pairs of words is now possible. This project is the concept of multicultural communication and creates a systematic insight in information science paradigms of a dominating system of nonverbal media communication in today's civil state of the world.

This project is the entrance to the textual bodies ISJ ZRC SAZU and Lextutor.

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