15 seconds of fame - an interactive computer

vision based art installation


  15 seconds of fame is an interactive installation which elevates a randomly selected gallery visitor for fifteen seconds into
an ``art work'' object.

  The installation consists of a computer, a digital camera and software that can detect human faces in images and graphically transform them.

  The flat paneled computer monitor is framed like a picture and hangs on the wall. The camera is hidden behind the frame and placed above the computer monitor. Pictures of gallery visitors which are standing in front of the installation are taken by the digital camera.
The wide-angled picture is analyzed by the computer to detect faces in it. The software then randomly selects the image of one of the faces. This step in the processing serves the same function as a photographer who would take a portrait of one of the visitors using a telephoto lens.

  The chosen portrait is then transformed using randomly selected color filters to automatically generate Warhol inspired portraits in pop-art fashion. The portrait is then displayed for fifteen seconds on the monitor. After fifteen seconds another pop-art portrait appears and so on. In this fashion every fifteen seconds a different portrait, using different color effects is displayed. If several people are standing in front of the installation the software tries to select each time a different person.

  The installation illustrates that anybody can become famous. However, fame is very random and short lived.


Franc Solina Peter Peer Borut Batagelj Samo Juvan