Perpétuel Gallery - Press Release: Motion, Capture, Suit (An Exhibition by Narvika Bovcon, Barak Reiser und Ales Vaupotiè, 14.03. – 03.04.2008
Opening, Thursday 13.03.2008, 19:00 – 20:00 Project’s Presentation, 20:00 Opening

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Gallery Perpétuel is proud to show the exhibition Motion, Capture, Suit, by the artists Narvika Bovcon, Barak Reiser and Ales Vaupotiè. In this exhibition, the artists from Ljubljana and Frankfurt am Main show a main project, If you look back, it won’t be there anymore, and several related works.

If you look back, it won’t be there anymore is a computer-based series of interactive rooms.

How could one build a world, using as few elements as possible? These elements should be linked together and repeat themselves in different ways, shapes, and forms. In reality, it wouldn’t be easy to realize this project as a series of existing rooms. This project deals with “Installation” as a medium, and how spaces are organized. “Déj?-vus”; “Negative/Positive”; the gap between the object and its model; all possible ideas of repetition, are among the thoughts that occur while travelling through a system of rooms. Questions concerning the notion of “space”, and of “virtual space” are among the problems this work explores. Virtual Reality is one of the values in this work. While advancing in the main space of the work, there are objects that randomly appear. This space is infinite, in which the transparent dunes move slowly. Mathematically, this space will never repeat itself in the exact same form. Therefore, no matter how much time you spend in this room, it is constantly changing therefore not all of the objects and elements of the work may appear. Ignoring the objects by not approaching them will prevent them from appearing. An additional fact about these virtual rooms is that they don’t obey the rule of gravity. With the help of the mouse or keyboard, the visitor can rotate his view by 180 degrees and travel upside down.

What is the difference between existing and virtual spaces? It is almost like trying to find out what “truth” is. You can be aware of this question, for example when one of the news channels runs. Is it CNN? A channel that brings us constant “news” from different “worlds”. The letters C, N, can rotate in order to become the letters U and Z. The possibility to play with, and to change chosen elements is what this project is about. Except for encountering stationery visual elements, such as: video footage of fashion, dark matter evolution simulation, soap opera; shifting transparent dunes; an antenna; moving objects in form of the letter Z; an illuminated object in a shape of palm-tree, which is being powered by a solar panel; the viewer moves about by himself in these spaces, and may even encounter a flying dragon fly. When entering the lounge the visitor has the opportunity to see the three authors of the work, which are spending some time there.

Motion, Capture, Suit, the title of the show, refers to the essence of this project, as well as to the specific suit that one uses to record movement for visual effects in films and digital animation. This title functions to understand the state-of-mind of the gallery’s first room and the use of this suit needed to produce To Brecknock, while my fearful head is on, which is based on William Shakespeare’s play, “Richard III”.