“If you look back for it, it won’t be there any more”
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You are searching for something that will drive you to follow it, to move on in this space; you are searching for something attractive, something like a butterfly? To be precise, you are searching for a cause that will bring you to move the computer’s cursor over the screen, through this dessert, this borderless space. Is it a Fata Morgana? No oasis exists here, no place where you can rest. But this place is virtual: you are safe here. You don’t have any problems to survive.
The notion of “space”, of “virtual space”, is the theme that this work deals with. “Déjà vu”, “negative/positive”, colour and sound differences, as well as all kinds of repetition are among the main elements this installation is built of and this system of spaces created. Rooms that in “reality” would be difficult to realise.

It’s a trigger to bring the viewer somewhere else. Like in a computer game, in an entertainment environment, the viewer moves between rooms looking for an element, a kind of key that will help him enter the second space. Is it a computer game? The viewer who is familiar with these worlds might be a bit disappointed. This proposal is much more reduced than the ones he or she knows. Is it entertainment? To be entertained is a feeling that lasts only a few moments, then you have the desire to experience it again and to enjoy it even better than before. Here delusions will be present, but as something that is part of the concept.

Is this a mechanical appropriation of a space, of the world?
Glamour spaces from our daily life are adapted to be visualised in these systems. Images of young skinny models walking on the cat walk; two or three characters in a space having a discussion about emotional subjects, known also as the daily soap-operas; “Space”, the one planet earth is part of, are the footage that is placed in this project. A space in a space.

What is the difference between “real” space and virtual space? This is almost like asking what “truth” is. You can reflect on it while one of the news channels is running. Is it CNN? A channel that brings us constantly “news” from all kinds of “worlds”. “C” and “N”, these letters have the possibility to rotate, to be the letters “Z” and “U”; they can build other words, like Unesco…
These possibilities, to play and to change elements, is what this project is about.

Barak Reiser