The theme of this year's contribution of the intermedia production group ARTNETLAB, which is every year newly constituted out of students of the Academy of Fine Arts (Department for video and new media) and Faculty of Computer and Information Science (Computer Vision Laboratory), are media arts as a field of global conflict.

The two titles of the contribution "FRIENDLY FIRE" and "THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE" is closer to the cybernetic explanation, by which the nature, man and society exist in continuous exchange of information, rather than to the static representation of the idea, which waits to be realized.

The executed projects are part of the new intermedia arts, using newly invented interfaces enabled by new information technologies.They open up also one of the themes of this year's Venice Biennale, the "Dictatorship of the Viewer", but they offer the observer the digital disappearance of the subject by a system of cloning and by a dual immersion in virtual plays.

Some projects enter a wider social context, but they still remain in the field of art and do not succumb to socialization, since the young artists understand that experiments are still possible only in the context of art - everything else is governed by clear and perfect systems where differences are not permitted.

Prof. Sreco Dragan, Prof. Dr Franc Solina