SREČO DRAGAN was born December 8th., 1944 in Kočevski rog (Spodnji Hrastnik).  He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana where he also completed his specialisation in painting under Prof. Zoran Didek.  As a recipient of the "Prešern sklad" scholarship in 1973, he pursued his education in the new media in London.  His artistic education continued in 1977 in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow on a scholarship of  "Sklad Moše Pijade."  During the period from 1984 to 1985, he studied video arts on a scholarship of the French Government at the Institut national de l'audiovisuel des ateliers de la recherche de l'INA,  SFP 
TV Paris and at the department for film and video at the University of Paris.  In 1968 he was member of the enlarged group OHO and in the following years 
organised and headed the projections of video arts and national productions.  He also lectured to foreign students and as an author and selector continued to take 
part in the most prominent international festivals and exhibitions of the new media.  Until 1988, he created art together with Nuša Dragan and in 1969 the two filmed 
the first video in the former Yugoslavia.  Since 1991, Srečo Dragan has been lecturing aesthetics and technology of video art sperimentazione visiva internazionale Biennnale di Venezia, Videotheque of the European Art Video LVA in London, Heure exquise!,  the collection of Modern Gallery in Ljubljana and the Gallery of Modern Art in Warsaw.  Some of the most prestigious awards received by Srečo Dragan are the Prešern Student Award (1968), special commendation of the newspaper Drama for consistent introduction of conceptual experiences in the design of the periodical Ekran (1969), the "Prošireni mediji" Award of SKC Belgrade (1972), the "Prošireni mediji" Award for the design of the periodical Favit (1973), Award at the exhibition "Video Open Encoutner" in Ferrara (1975).  His works were included in the archives of the Venice Biennial (1977), and his video Moon Gold was included in the Videotheque of the European Art Video (1987).  He also 
received the selling price of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (1988).  His most recent artistic production and teaching ambitions are focused on the production of interactive artistic Internet installations and 3D-computer animation. 


Prijateljeva 20 
1000 Ljubljana 
tel.: +386 61 12 51 238 

Akademija za likovno umetnost /Academy for Fine Arts/ 
Erjavčeva 23 
1000 Ljubljana 
tel.: + 386 61 212 726 
fax: + 386 61 219 071 



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