The institution of the techno-modified gaze as primary enviroment of my creative
process presents itself as module / idea taht makes possible the field of test transfers
within the new technologies of cybernetic art.

Here the museum set-up as art installation which is the field of my exhibition
"Time is Out of Joint" (December 2001, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana) is positioned
between the exhibition of Boris Groys "The Art Judgement Show" (2001, Museum of
Modern Art, Ljubljana) and presents the position of the museum and the exhibition 2000+
Artfest Collection (November 2001, Orange Congress, Innsbruck) and the reestablishing
of the concept of the micro-museum, as a travelling case for constant moving and exhibiting.

The decoding of images, standpoints, concepts happens via the operating observer at the exhibition
and trough the web /INFO CENTER MFRU/ which is such a way gains status of an interactive happening
/Wherever I put my Webcam is may Home/ in the field of clever technologies (PUT YOURSELF ON DISPLAY).

In collaboration with: Jože Štefan Institute, Ljubljana; Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana;
ARXEL_TRIBE; VPK Ljublana; Logina IT, Ljubljana;
Faculty of Electrical Engenering and Computer Science, University of Maribor; Institute of Robotic, Maribor

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